Nurburgring 24h live news

Today is another long day without much to do, no action on the track until tomorrow, the team is still working on set up the GT-R. We have improved the position of the belts to be more effective during the pit stop.

About weather conditions …. this is crazy. I’ve seen snow, ice rain and the sun in less than 2h. Of course a very special place not only for the 25km track.

Here is a pic of last exclusive test, cool isn’t it?

And a very special pic. Sharing car for first time with Yamauchi san. Gran Turismo creator. Thanks to him I’m racing at N24h and he is a big part of my racing career. Very important person in my life.

Nurburgring 24h live news

Hello from Nurburgring!

Today we start preparations for the 24 hour Nurburgring.

It rains and the sun rises as expected in the green hell.

Kazunori san and I have tried the new racing suit that we will use for this special race

I hope you like it!

I’ll keep you update from here!