Okayama GT500 test

Hi guys!

My Super GT 500 adventure has started at Okayama with an intensive testing programm.

As you may know I will drive #24 Kondo GT-R NISMO with Daiki Sasaki for the 1st 3 races.

It’s been a busy week since arriving in Japan. I had to work to understand more about GT500 Yokohama tires, to find the way to communicate with the team in the best way (language barrier) and everything is progressing very well.

GT500 is one of the most tough competitions in motorsport and you have to work and drive at maximum level every lap.

My impression of this week test is very positive but still more time to understand some different compounds and construction tires.

Next week we have last test in Fuji before Round 1 at Okayama so looking forward to spend more time on track and improve as I always try.

Hope you follow me during this season. Any comments will be appreciated!!

Thank you!

Video message of a great day

What a great day with great news for my future. So proud and excited to be part of LMP1 NISSAN GT-R LM for LE MANS 24h! I did this video while doing my ride in Madrid today. Just to say thank you!


Le Mans 24h in LMP1 with Nissan GT-R LM NISMO + Super GT500

It’s official, I will be at Le Mans 2015 in the #21 Nissan GT-R LM NISMO!!

I’m so excited not only for Le Mans program also to compete in Japan at the highest level. I will join factory team Kondo Racing for the first 3 races of Super GT 500. This is a huge step up in my career and can’t wait to start the season.

Other programs of this year are Japanese F3 and Nurburgring 24h in the factory NISMO car.


Thank you for your support again!


See you at the race tracks!




Welcome to my pre-season life

During the pre-season time a part from spending time with my family and friends I keep working hard and focus on my 2015 racing season.

What I do with my trainers is to do quality training as during the season is pretty much complicated to do due to a very busy schedule between racing, events and airports.


Cycling is my favorite sport to keep fit, is the most time I spend and gives me all what I need to be in perfect conditions in the race car.
On the bike not only we work our stamina and cardio, also our concentration, visibility, reactions, equilibrium… It’s a really complete training for racing drivers.



Workout sessions:

An important part of my training is to work with my trainers Fran and Javier at their entrenamientociclismo.com facilities in Madrid.
They do checks on my body, measure and organize my training plans for every month. They are very well known trainers in the cycling world, training Pro cyclist at the highest level of competition and Javier is the President of Madrid Cycling Federation.

They plan my cycling training, running and of course workouts with Fran like strengh, core training, endurance, reaction tests and neck exercise training.





Gran Turismo simulator:

It’s the tool which turn me into a pro racing driver, the most accessible training tool. Just a Playstation and Gran Turismo game. If you can afford an steering wheel and pedals you can make a fantastic training system. I use it quite a lot, not just for training also for fun racing against fans and friends. I not only learn race tracks in a perfect way I also make my concentration better and for longer time during virtual and real racing.



Not much to say about Karting.

As a racing driver it gives you all the information you need to keep in good shape, in terms of fitness, handling, reactions… Everything happens so fast so you can train your speed and technique in a unique way.



That’s all for today, hope you push hard to reach your dreams !!


Soon I will let you know what are my plans for 2015 racing season, can’t wait to start racing!!