Concurso Le Mans 2014 / Competition Le Mans 2014


This year I will compete in Le Mans 24h 2014 with the revolutionary Nissan ZEOD RC, so we decided we want you to be part of this epic race. How? designing my boots and gloves that’ll use in a few weeks in  La Sarthe circuit.

How participate is very simple:


1 – Download the design template in PDF format here:


SPARCO ARROW H-7 gloves templare

2 – Design your own boots and gloves. Take in mind I will compete with  ”Zero Emissions on Demand” and will be the first time a car completes a full lap of Le Mans 24h track in full electric mode.

3 – Send your designs in PDF format (maximum 2) before 30th May to  with title your name and then  ”Contest boots and gloves LM24h Lucas Ordonez” in quote, your details including address and name on twitter.

4 – Use the hashtag #OrdonezLM24h on social media sites.

5 – If you’re the winner design of the gloves or boots, you will receive the boots or gloves signed and a copy of Gran Turismo6 game!!

Good luck!!!!


Please read contest terms and conditions here Terms & Conditions boots & gloves contest Lucas Ordonez LM24h




I have been all over the world since the opening round of the Super GT Championship at Okayama. We’ve launched GT Academy Mexico, tested the new Nissan ZEOD RD in France and then, after a VLN race at the Nurburgring, I jumped on a plane to Tokyo for the next round of Super GT.


Before I could get back in my Super GT car I had to go to B-MAX to collect my overalls.  This is how it is when you are racing everywhere; I have left my stuff on every continente!


Thursday was my birthday so I had a day off; time to relax and do some training and then shopping in Tokyo. Kazuki-san organised a dinner with some racing drivers including Motoyama-san (my team mate at Le Mans), Yanagida-san, JP Oliveira and Chiyo-san. It was a great night and I will never forget my birthday in Japan.



The following day it was back to business. We had a good free practice session, showing great pace in our GT3 GT-R.  In the first qualifying session Kazuki-san took the wheel, placing the car P4 which was fantastic. I went out for Q2 and on my first lap I braked too late into the chicane but my second lap felt great. I had total confidence in the car and I pushed to the limit and bagged pole position!



This was one of the greatest moments of my racing career. Only my second Super GT race of the season and I took pole position.  It was so good to see all of the NISMO guys congratulating us and of course it was a huge celebration as the Nissan GT500 cars qualified 1-2-3!


The atmosphere on race day morning was amazing as it was a full house at Fuji. The only time I have raced in front of a crowd like that was at Le Mans. I had to do a speech to Nissan sponsors and team members and despite practising it over and over I was still very nervous – probably more nervous than at the start of a race – but they seemed to like what I was saying.


I had a lot of fun just before the race as I went to the Gran Turismo stage in the fan area to race against GT500 drivers from Toyota and Honda. I had a tough race against Kazuya Oshima (Toyota) and Koudai Tsukakoshi (Honda). They were really impressive on Gran Turismo. It was a tough race! I took the lead into the straight but Tsukakoshi got the slipstream and nearly beat me. I couldn’t have that with my history and luckily I was able to fight back and take the win!


Kazuki-san started the race in our car and did a great job, keeping the lead from pole.  Unfortunately a later safety car period ruined our strategy so we had to save fuel from then on as we were really on the limit. I had a great stint, recovering from losing time refuelling and managed to put the car on top again and even built up an eight second gap. All this was in vain though as we use more fuel than our rivals so we lost time in the last pit-stop. We finished the race in fifth place.


I’m fully focused on round three at Autopolis now. Our plan is the same as always: to fight for victory!


Read my blog in JAPANESE at NISMO website here

Okayama Round 1 Super GT blog

My first Super GT race of 2014 took place this weekend at Okahama.  I have some travel time to reflect on the weekend now as I’m writing this on the train to Narita Airport to catch a flight to Mexico.


Before Okayama race week I had some time with my family back in Spain and the opportunity to get some good training miles on my road bike but I came out to Japan a little early so I could

attend some NISMO events during the week.


On Wednesday we had a very interesting day as we went to Shinagawa Jinja (shrine) with NISMO. It’s a tradition before the season starts to pray for safety and victory. I really enjoyed being there and seeing the beautiful sakura (cherry blossom) trees and then having a meeting inside the Jinja with an emotional traditional ceremony.


After this event my team mate Kazuki-san took me for lunch on the way to the NISMO workshop where we had a meeting with all NISMO employees, signing posters and giving them a few words to thank them for their work and to fight for victory. I got very nervous when I had to do my speech in Japanese but luckily  everyone understood what I said! “Konichiwa Lucas desu, NISMO de race dekite gambaremasu, yoroshiku onegaishimasu” which I hope means “Hello I am Lucas, I am so excited to race for NISMO, it’s a pleasure”.


The next day we hit the road to go to Fuji speedway for training. The conditions were very wet but was really good training to prepare for the Okayama race and it was so cool to have such an opportunity to develop our driving skills.


On Friday we took the super fast Shinkansen train to Okayama. I’m an expert in Tokyo Metro and trains now as I have taken so many already!  From there we hooked up with Yasuda-san, one of the GT500 drivers, for a fun road journey.


The Okayama race track is in the middle of nowhere in really beautiful countryside, although it was extremely cold. When we arrived I suddenly realised how big this championship is. Fans were already at the track, meeting professional drivers like Tonio Liuzzi, Jorg Muller and Seiji Ara. It was an amazing atmosphere. Racing in Japan is very traditional but also extremely professional with official manufacturers, works drivers and different tyre makers so the competition is very hard.


After the longest driver briefing of my life -  nearly three hours for foreign drivers and some laughs with GT500 friends like Liuzzi, Vernay, Baguette and Jarvis – it was time to have some rest for the racing weekend.


On Saturday things didn’t go perfectly for us, especially in practice where we struggled with no grip as the track temperature was so cold.


In the qualifying session Kazuki-san did a great job in Q1 after some positive set up changes made by the B-Max Team so we qualified for the Q2 session, which decides the starting position. I manages to get seventh place, which could have been better with no traffic; another thing learned about Super GT! I was pleased with this result though.


On Sunday when me and Kazuki-san arrived in the morning we got the news that the mechanics had to change the engine during the night and didn’t have any sleep at all so. These guys are the real heroes of motorsport. They work so hard.


The race was pretty clean for us and we finished in fourth place, which is a great result for the championship in a track that doesn’t suit the GT-R. Everyone was happy with my stint, including Hasemi-san, team director and ex-Daytona 24 Hours winner so this means a lot to me and helps to build my confidence for the next round at Fuji.  It’s a great track for us so we’ll try to be on the top step of the podium for all the Nissan fans!


I’m off to Mexico now for some GT Academy work then I am hoping to squeeze in a day at home before I take to the road again to go and test the Nissan ZEOD RC, which I am really looking forward to!