GRAN TURISMO 6 is coming!

Yesterday was a great day, a great day for all the fans of the Gran Turismo.

15 years since was released the first Gran Turismo and I was lucky to be present at the #15thyearsofGT with the rest of Nismo Athletes. Not only we were present, were one of the stars of the event thanks to Yamauchi san, thanks to your support and Nissan, GT Academy is becoming bigger and bigger.

With our brand new Nissan Nismo race suits and helmets in our hands, the organization showed us the facilities where would held #15yearsGT ceremony. In the paddock you could appreciate how big is this event with historic cars from many manufactures. Also we enjoyed to see the RedBull X1 near the stage. When I was in Tokyo Kaz once told me that one day we would see this machine rolling on track. Will be cool!

After checking the facilities, I had the opportunity to try the first demo of GT6 at the Silverstone circuit.

My first impressions were very positive, car physics were much more successful. I could feel weight distribution around the car while taking the corners driving the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3. The graphics are not final version and still a remarcable improvement. Regarding to the realism of the Silverstone circuit is awesome. Polyphony Digital has done as always a brutal perfectionism work. The kurbs, braking points-references, the landscape … is exactly as in reality except one thing. In GT6 Silverstone sky is blue and that never happens in real Silverstone! ;)

Photo with Kazunori Yamauchi, Darren Cox and the rest of Nismo Athletes (Left-Right, Steve Doherty, Jann Mardenborough, myself, Peter Pyzera, Wolfgang Reip) with the new Nismo Juke.

Photo on stage with Yamauchi san, Darren Cox, Jim Ryan (President CEO SCEE) and Nismo Athletes. Was something very special and important to me to be on stage in such a big day for Gran Turismo.

Yamauchi san presents Gran Turismo 6 to the media. Here below you have the video presentation! Pay attention to the numbers of GT! Impressed about 3billion online races!!

Following the presentation, race against my mates in GT6 and also race in with the Nissan 370z Group N, great show for the guests!











Media interviews with guest coming from all around the world.

Many of you have asked me via Twitter and facebook about dates, upgrades, performance, etc. of GT6. Soon I will give more details but of course the online mode will be a big part of the improvement in GT6. As I said, the physics driving the GT-R Nismo GT3 are spectacular, transmitting more realistic feedback tire-asphalt-suspension. Also the speed of loading contents is a big target for Polyphony.

See you on the tracks!