Congratulations to all GT ACADEMY TEAM!!

I’m really proud to announce that GT ACADEMY GT5 demo has reached 1 million downloads from the Playstation 3.

As the first GT ACADEMY winner I want to thank to all the people who made this project a reality because they changed my life for this 2009 season and hope to still with my racing life dream in 2010!!!

The free Gran Turismo 5 demo used to host the first round of competition in GT Academy 2010 has been downloaded over 1 million times in Europe within the first three weeks of its release (that’s one download approximately every 2 seconds),according to SCEE. Here’s what Yamauchi had to say about the milestone:

“Hitting one million downloads of the GT AcademyTime Trial from the 17 participating countries alone is a very important milestone. We created the Time Trial purely as the mechanic to run the first phase of GT Academy 2010. The massive interest is testament to the strong GT Academy concept that offers the chance to make a dream come true. But it also clearly demonstrates the popularity of Gran Turismo. ThisTime Trial is only a tiny sample of what is to come in Gran Turismo 5, so it is particularly pleasing to have seen such a positive reaction to it.”

There was some doubt in the community as to just how much the demo will represent the final version of the game, and those doubters will no doubt pay special attention to the fact that Yamauchi specified the demo was created “purely” to host the first round of the GT Academy. Regardless, reaching 1 million downloads in Europe is a good accomplishment over such a short period of time. I wonder how this compares to the North American download statistics…?

Sony make.believe commercial

Hi guys,

Here is a proper link to my video for  Sony make.believe campaign.

Hope you like it and enjoy!!

[gigya width="380" height="446" src=" ORDONEZ GT5_FINAL.flv&story_id=story1&story_title=Lucas Ordonez" quality="high" wmode="tranparent" ]

SONY make.believe commercial

Dear friends,

Here is the link to SONY.COM where you can see my commercial for make.believe campaign for SONY!! (click on make.believe stories and you will see my face. Click there)

Hope you enjoy it!!

Best regards and good luck to all who is trainning in GT ACADEMY 2010 TIME TRIAL